Release Notes - cineSync 5


July 4 2022 - cineSync 5.1 (cineSync Play v1.1)

  • NEW Movie Inspector Window

  • NEW Difference option in Compare Mode

  • NEW Add ability to view pre-multiplied alpha in Colour Tools

  • NEW Ping/Pong loop option

  • NEW Added ability to read frame sequence fps from ftrack component metadata

  • NEW Added option to Connect in China to dedicated servers hosted in AliCloud

  • IMPROVED Added ability to log python and java scripts

  • IMPROVED Added message when duplicate files are added to the review

  • IMPROVED cineSync Play can now access certs in the Windows store

  • IMPROVED Strings within our python scripts can now be translated

  • IMPROVED Changed background message while online to show session key

  • IMPROVED Improved command line args parsing on frame sequences

  • IMPROVED Updated to the latest version of OTIO

  • IMPROVED Added 2FA support for Shotgrid legacy logins

  • IMPROVED ftrack note category and colour is now saved in the preference file

  • IMPROVED Loading from non-standard locations when used with a self-hosted ftrack instance.

  • IMPROVED Added Error message if Save Frame folder does not exist, or has been deleted.

  • FIXED Problem connecting to Shotgrid server via SG integration

  • FIXED Issue with adding folders that contain movies files with numbers in their filename being incorrectly treated as frame sequences.

  • FIXED Issue with audio track sometimes not being detected

  • FIXED Logging into ftrack via cineSync Play sometimes logs the user out of ftrack Connect

  • FIXED Issue where saving the current frame re-enables Compare Mode under certain circumstances

  • FIXED Timeline rendering glitch where in and out point markers would not render when on frame 0

  • FIXED Play button showing incorrect icon when playing backwards

  • FIXED Issue where the legal dialog box being open prevented the application closing correctly.

  • FIXED Issue with setting Loop in and out points

  • FIXED Issue with in/out points not being set correctly for a guest joining an review

  • FIXED Crash when in/out points are enabled and guests in a sync review have not located the file

  • FIXED right mouse button activating drawing tools and leaving a mark on the frame

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