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The Preferences pane allows you to choose your preferred settings for cineSync 5.

These settings are remembered each time cineSync 5 is opened and don't need to be reset unless there is a change.

There are seven tabs along the top of the preferences window: General, Playback, Network, Offline License, Audio, File Transfers, and Shortcuts.

General - a combination of various different settings.


  • By enabling ‘Make new media active,’ you can make sure that every new file you add will be automatically added at the beginning of the playlist to the active media and becomes accessible right away.
  • The ‘Default EXR color space’ drop-down menu enables you to set it to either linear or sRGB
  • ‘Show confirmation of shutdown’ Ability to enable/disable the confirmation message of the shutdown.


  • If you need to connect in China, you can enable the ‘Connect in China; checkbox that facilitates the connection with the right server.
  • The ‘Language’ drop-down lets you choose the language. (Current options are English and Chinese, with more languages to be added in the feature.)
  • Enable/disable the usage of native color and file picker.
  • Enable/disable including timecode in PDF.
  • Enable/disable ‘Log python’.
  • Enable/disable ‘Log javascript’.
  • Enable/disable timecode reading from the file.
  • You can choose if you prefer to add frames to the playlist as a sequence or individual items.
  • Line render style enables you to choose the line style and set its width, eighter fixed or variable, based on the pen pressure.[While using Wacom’s pen tablets]
  • Pen pressure modifier allows you to adjust your preferred pen pressure setting. The lighter you press the pen, the thinner the line, and the stronger you press the pen, the thicker the line.[While using Wacom’s pen tablets]
  • The ‘Image filter’ drop-down menu lets you set the image filter to ‘Nearest’ or ‘Linear’.
  • You can set the preferred Thumbnail frame amount.
  • You can choose if you prefer to save your frames as PNG or JPG.

And at the bottom, you can set/change your Saved Frame Location.


Playback - For more info about the Playback settings, see the Frame Playback article.

Network - Here, you can add details if you are trying to connect to our cineSync servers via a Proxy Server and adjust your alternate server settings.


Offline License - Offline or Local License settings.

While the majority of features in cineSync 5 are available for free in the standalone player, there are a few features that require a cineSync Pro account.

These features include:

  • Integration with ShotGrid
  • Integration with file transfer options, including Amazon S3 and AliCloud
  • HDR support
  • SDI output

If you have a cineSync Pro account and you are interested in trying the above features, please go to ‘cineSyncPlay’ menu ‘Preferences’ ‘Offline License’ and send us (via your ‘Host id’ code, along with your account details, and we will provide a license that will enable all Pro features by default, with, or without an internet connection.


Our team will then get back to you with a license file that you can then add to your filesystem using the same window.

Audio - Separate track location for frame playback.


File Transfers - See more in the AWS S3 & AliCloud Integrations article

Shortcuts - See more in the ‘Keyboards Shortcuts’ article

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