Glossary of Terms

Participants in a cineSync Review session - equivalent to 'seats.' A user can be a session initiator or a guest, and as each person joins a session, they take up one 'user or 'seat. The maximum number of users allowable in a Sync Review session is limited by the number of users defined in the account. So 5 user accounts will support a session with one session initiator and up to 4 guests, whereas a 2 user session will only allow the session initiator and one guest.


Drawings that are added to frames.

Review Session Owner / Initiator

The term is given to the user who starts a cineSync Review session using a paid cineSync 5 account. When the owner leaves the session, the session will then close.


A user who joins a cineSync Review session using a session key given by the session owner.

Media Files

The general term for all the different file types that cineSync supports, includes movie files and still picture files.


Running two or more different cineSync 5 Review sessions simultaneously using the same account (username/password) details.

The maximum number of simultaneous users is defined by the number of users on the account. So a 10-user account can have 5 x 2 user sessions or 1 x 10 user sessions but never more than ten simultaneous users in total.

Session Key

The code given to a session owner to allow guests to join the Sync Review session.

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