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While cineSync can be used as a free local player, without a license, if you want to use cineSync for interactive and synchronized reviews, you'll need a paid cineSync account.

With a basic cineSync account, you'll be able to use the core functionality of cineSync - drawing tools, notes, etc - while in synchronised reviews.

For access to the full suite of functionality in synchronised reviews, plus HDR support, and SDI output, - or if you require ShotGrid, AWS S3, or AliCloud Integrations - you’ll need a cineSync Pro account.

  • You can sign up for a cineSync account here or by contacting


What Your Account means

cineSync 5 accounts are defined by the number of users required for the account and by the length of time the account is required.

Currently, only the users wanting to initiate a cineSync Review session, have the HDR & SDI output support, or the ones who need to have access to the ShotGrid, AWS S3, or AliCloud Integrations are required to purchase a paid account.

Any guests that need to join the session only need the software and can join the session without a paid account.

Tip: Information on starting a session and details on the session key can be found here.


Number of Users

The users refer to the number of people who can be in a cineSync Review session at the same time. So a two-user account will allow up to 2 people in a session at once, usually the session initiator and one guest. A 5-user account would allow the session initiator and up to 4 guests.

Accounts are multi-session, which means that the account can have more than one session running at a time.

Length of Time

The length of time the account is active from the date of purchase.

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