Managing your cineSync 5 Pro Account


For access, first, click on the link -

Which will take you to the access page.

Enter your existing cineSync username and password and click ‘Retrieve My Details’.


Your account details will be displayed, which will be imported across to your new cineSync 5 account.


You will need to enter a new Username and Password for your new cineSync 5 account, though you are able to replicate your existing cineSync Pro account details (i.e. same username and password) if you prefer.

Then click ‘Enable My Account’ and you’ll see an ‘Account Activated’ success message.


You will then be able to click Start Sync in cineSync and start a Sync review session using your new cineSync 5 account username and password.

The displayed ‘Login now’ below the success message will take you to your cineSync 5 account dashboard page - also available via the link below.

Once clicked you’ll be taken to the login page.


Simply enter your cineSync 5 username and password, and you’ll see your account dashboard.


The menu options are listed on the left and will show the state of your cineSync 5 account.

The Dashboard page simply tells you how many active sessions are currently running and how many seats are in use in those sessions.


This section allows you to edit a couple of your cineSync 5 account details.


It also displays your current cineSync 5 account plan, which is taken from your existing cineSync Pro account.

Should you change your cineSync Pro account - for example, renew or upgrade - you will need to update your cineSync 5 account which you can do here - simply by clicking the ‘Re-sync with My cineSync Pro Account’ button.

The new changes will be reflected in your cineSync 5 account.

This process will be automated in the future.


Here you can modify your login and add other logins to your account.


Only one login is created when your cineSync 5 account is enabled. For any other users on your cineSync Pro account that you wish to give access to your cineSync 5 account, you will have to add their login manually via the ‘Add Login’ button.

Any other users can also be made an Admin of the account - allowing them the ability to end active sessions or add further users to the account.


All the currently active sessions will be listed with the ability to join the session or end the session should it be no longer required.

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