360 Video

You first need to drag and drop or add a 360 file to the playlist.

To enable the mode, you need to open ‘360 Video’ from the ‘View' menu and select the ‘Enable’ check box in the ‘360 Video’ window.

This will put any files in the playlist into 360 mode and enables the Field of View (FOV) to adjust the camera zoom.


Once in 360 mode, to scroll the camera - hold the Shift key and move the mouse.


All the annotations in 360 mode are per annotation and camera position and to be able to jump between annotations, you can use the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next annotation’ buttons or command keys, which will enable once drawings have been added in 360 mode.

Should 360 mode be disabled and the media is changed to a file that has annotations that were added in 360 mode - cineSync will ask if you wish to enable 360 mode with a warning.

Please note: Clearing frame will clear the annotations depending if in 360 mode or not. For example - if 360 is enabled and clear frame - all the 360 annotations on the frame will be removed, but any non-360 annotations on the frame will remain.


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