Notes & Markers

  • Playlist notes - Notes that apply to a whole file within the session.

  • Frame notes - Notes attached to specific frames.

All the notes are private and are not shared with other users in your session.

To activate the notes, click 'Show Notes' in the 'Annotations' menu.


Use the shortcut key, or click the ‘Show and hide notes’ button on the toolbar.



On opening, select between the 'Movie' or 'Frame' note, depending on which note is required.

Any annotated frames will automatically appear in the Frame section; simply click the frame required and type the note in the Notes section.

To add a note to a frame that has not been annotated, jump to the required frame in cineSync and click the 'Add Note' button at the top of the Notes window.


Tip: Under the note thumbnail, you can track the Frame or Timecode, depending what you currently have set in your counter on the toolbar.




To delete a note, you can use the ‘Delete’ button, which is located under the note.

The font size can be increased/decreased using the slider.

While you're actively entering a note, cineSync ensures that the note stays referenced to that frame or file, so even if someone starts playing the file while you're typing - or even if they change movies - cineSync will still accurately apply the note to the correct frame of the file when you hit enter.

Exporting The Notes

All the notes and any drawings that you add can be exported out of cineSync to a PDF file via the 'Export Notes' in the Note Menu.

The file is saved in the Saved Drawings directory.


Whenever you add a note or draw on the media, a marker is placed on the timeline to indicate that the frame has been annotated.

For other users in the session, they will only see the frame markers that refer to on-screen annotations (as notes are private).


You can jump to these notes/drawing Markers by using the Previous Annotation/Next Annotation items in the Navigate menu or using the relevant keyboard shortcuts.

Please note: All your markers, notes, and annotations are automatically saved when you save the session.
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