ShotGrid Integration


ShotGrid Review for cineSync lets you quickly set up cineSync reviews using any of the versions (media) you track in ShotGrid. After the review is complete, any notes and annotations can be quickly and easily published back into ShotGrid.

To get started, go to the ‘Integrations’ menu, select ‘ShotGrid’ and choose ‘Browse.’


On the login page, use the drop-down to select your method to ‘Login’.

The options are Autodesk ID / API key or Legacy

  • To use the Autodesk ID - You will need to use your ShotGrid URL, and your Autodesk ID (username and password.)

  • To use the API Key - Enter the URL of your ShotGrid instance, Script name and API key.

  • To use the Legacy - Enter the URL of your ShotGrid instance together with your username and password.

Once on the Projects page, you'll see all your active projects, that you can choose from.


Once entered into a Project, you'll see two options:

  • Versions: Displays all the versions in the project.

  • Playlist: Displays all the playlists in the project.


The Playlist page shows a list of playlists that are in the currently active project.


To add a playlist to cineSync, simply click ‘Add to Session’. If you wish to see the versions contained within a playlist, click the playlist item. The search can be used to find particular playlists rather than scrolling through them all.

The versions page will either show all the versions in the currently active project or the currently active playlist.

To add a version to cineSync, simply click ‘Add to Session’.

If you wish to see more information about a version, click the version item.


This list of versions can be also filtered using the ‘Search’ box, and you can search by name.


Double-clicking on a Version will open the ‘Version Details’ page that shows a complete history of all the notes for a version and links to any related versions.

To add this version to cineSync, simply click the 'Add to Review.’




By default, ShotGrid Review will only show Versions with uploaded media. If you wish to reference local media, click the ‘Integration’ menu, selecting ‘ShotGrid’ and ‘ShotGrid Preferences,’ which opens for you a new window.


The ShotGrid Preferences menu allows you to specify a ShotGrid field in the Custom Search Field that will contain a local path to the movie. eg, sg_path_to_movie and the Custom Name Field allow you to specify a ShotGrid field that can contain a different name for the file that cineSync will use.

Similar to ShotGrid, you can set the number of entities per page that cineSync will return, allowing for quicker navigation.

In Preferences, you can also set some other settings for your ShotGrid media, such as Download Original File or Auto Delete Downloaded Files.

And as a recent addition, there are also several new security settings that will allow you to enable/disable Logging and activate the file-encrypting & watermarking settings.

Adding Notes

From the ‘Integrations’ - ‘ShotGrid’ menu, you can also add new notes.

Choosing ‘Add notes’ will open a new window where you can choose if you want to add notes for a Movie or a Frame.



From the same window, you can also set the note Font-Size and Note-Height.


To be able to ‘Publish’ back to ShotGrid and to see the completed review, just choose 'Export' from the ‘ShotGrid’ menu.

This provides you with a preview of all the notes that are going to be published to your ShotGrid.

Tip: From the same window, you can also ‘Revert’ or ‘Edit’ the notes before Publishing.


ShotGrid Username Login

1. Login into your ShotGrid instance via a browser. This will be using your Autodesk ID.

2. Select Account Setting from the drop-down list - located under your user picture


3. Select Legacy Login and Personal Access Token from the list.


4. Create a Passphrase/Password under the Legacy Login. This is used for connecting via cineSync only. It does not change your Autodesk/ShotGrid password.


5. Click Generate a Personal Access Token - this will open the Autodesk login page.


6. Log in using your Autodesk username/password and select Security from the list on the left.


7. Click Generate button in the Personal Access Tokens section.


8. From the dropdown in Product scope - select ShotGrid and then give the token a name, the name can be anything you wish.


9. Click ‘Generate’.


10. Copy the Token Code **NOTE - The token is displayed only once**, so ensure you have a copy before clicking done.**


11. Return to the ShotGrid tab and paste the copied token code into the token code field and click Bind.


11. Once binded - a status 'In good standing' will be displayed.


12. To use this with cineSync- open the ShotGrid viewer in cineSync. Enter the ShotGrid host, the ShotGrid username, and the Passphrase/Password that was set in the Legacy login.

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