Colour Grading

These adjustment changes are applied to the whole movie nondestructively, on a clip-by-clip basis (so changing the color of one movie doesn't affect any other movies in the Playlist).

You can load the ‘Colour Grading’ tool by selecting it from the ‘Tools’ menu.


Image: Colour Grading menu

The color tools on the left will allow you to control and adjust Brightness, Gamma, Contrast, and Saturation.

Tools on the far left will allow you to Output specific channels, and you can isolate and render individual color channels.

And on the right, there is an availability to add an OCIO file and load individual LUTs, in addition, or separately to OCIO profiles.


These controls (though not OCIO and LUTs) are synchronized, meaning that any changes made will be shown across all the users in the Sync Review session, and any color adjustments you make will be seen by everyone else in the Review.

The color range can be selected from the file, video, or full range.


Applying Color Settings

You can apply the color settings on one piece of media to all media in your playlist.

Enabling the ‘Apply Colour Settings To All Media’ checkbox allows you to set the same color settings for all the files in your list.


Please note:

  • Enabling the 'Apply Colour Settings To All Media' checkbox will apply the current and future color settings to all the media in your playlist. This action will overwrite the existing color settings on the rest of the media.
  • You can activate the ‘Apply Colour Settings To All Media’ checkbox only after you have enforced the ‘ Apply Colour Settings’ option.

Tip: Alternatively, you can activate the ‘Apply Colour Settings’ option from the ‘ Tools’ menu.



Color Settings - Copy & Paste

If you don't want to apply the set color settings to all media but only to specific files, you can use the copy & paste option, which enables you to set the same color settings to any number of specific media within a sequence or playlist.

To do so, make sure you have set the desired color settings in the Colour Grading menu, open the ‘Tools’ menu, and click ‘Copy Colour Settings.’


Then open any other file from your playlist you would like to have the same color settings, open the ‘Tools’ menu, and click ‘Paste Colour Settings.’


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